Shoes to Combine With Flared Pants in 2023

Flared pants are back in style. It is a type of pants that fits nicely around the thighs and flares out gradually, either from the knee or the hip. It comes in various colors and fabrics, from denim to stretchy materials, and from serene uni colors to bold and colorful prints. But, which shoes should you wear with them? The trend is either to wear flared pants long enough to cover the shoes completely or to wear cropped pants that stop above the ankle, making shoes more visible and important.

Heels with flared pants

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Heels are always a good choice! During warmer days, you can wear sandals with heels under your flared pants. You can choose high heels that will make your legs appear longer or cute low heels that almost anyone can walk on. You can style your heels with a stylish blouse, or black or nude-colored pumps, to make you look feminine and elegant. Alternatively, you can style your pumps in a more edgy way, by wearing a white T-shirt and a cool leather biker jacket, and black sandals or sandals with studs.

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Sneakers with Flared Pants

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Another option is sneakers. In the summer, white sneakers look great with flared pants, and in the winter, you can opt for darker or brightly colored sneakers. You can choose feminine sneakers or go for chunky sneakers to make your look more casual.

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Boots and Ankle Boots with Flared Pants

For colder days, boots and ankle boots look perfect with flared pants. The advantage is that you can wear thick socks without anyone seeing them. If you prefer a feminine look, you can wear a silk or satin blouse and high-heeled ankle boots. Alternatively, you can wear biker boots, a T-shirt, and a cool leather jacket for a more edgy look. You can also choose cowboy boots for a boho style.

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Lace-up shoes with flared pants

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Create a nice casual look by combining flared jeans with a cozy knit turtleneck, a classic beige trench coat, and sturdy beige lace-up shoes with a chunky soles. The lace-up shoes are comfortable and perfect for long walks. You can complete the look with some gold jewelry. This is a great look for winter, and you can switch to a cream-colored top as the weather gets warmer.

High Chelsea Boots with Flared Pants

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The Chelsea boot is a classic that has never really gone out of style. This season, it is back in fashion, and it comes in many styles, colors, and materials. You can wear them with wide jeans and a square-neck top with a beautiful floral print, and add a jacket during cooler days. You can also choose an oversized leather blazer to stay true to the 90s style.

Where does the flared pant trend come from?

The flared pants first appeared in the early 1960s. The pants with wide legs are the iconic fashion of the 60s and 70s. The pants became incredibly popular when Sonny, Cher, and Bono wore them on TV. The pants were flying off the shelves. They came in all kinds of trendy fabrics and prints, but the denim version was by far the most popular.

In the mid-1990s, the flared pants made a comeback under the name "bootcut." These pants were less flared than the models of the 60s and 70s. They usually flared out from the knee. Bootcut pants were mostly made of denim.

And now, the flared pants are making a comeback again! They come in denim, but more often in a comfortable fabric in a solid color or with a leopard print. We are curious to see how the trend will develop further. What do you think? Will this trend last for a few more years? Or will the flared pants be out of style after this season?

We hope you have gained enough ideas to style your flared pants or jeans! Sandals are, of course, less suitable for colder days, but you can always wear nice sheer pantyhose with them.

We love the 3rd look, casual chic with cute ankle boots and a nice blouse! It's also super suitable to wear to work.

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